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The music is what matters most...

I began writing poetry when I was 7 years old as an outlet. At that time I was going though sexual abuse. I felt there wasn’t anyone I could comfy in, or even talk to. So I began to talk to myself, through my poetry. It wasn’t until I turned eleven that I realize that I had a voice. A voice that would be heard!

Favorite Poet

Black Ice
Black Ice is a poet from Russell Simmons' Def Poetry Jam. His poems, which frequently involve racial and social issues, combine hip-hop flow with rich vocabulary to create a unique style.

Black Ice, born Lamar Manson, began perfecting his craft on the streets of North Philadelphia. He was discovered by Russell Simmons at New York’s Soul Café and became the first spoken word artist signed to Def Jam Records. Black Ice has performed to audiences as diverse as those at the Hip-Hop Summit, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Source Youth Foundation and ShiNE, and performed for such notables as the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Muhammad Ali and Minister Louis Farrakhan, as well as performing a poem on rapper Fabolous' third album Real Talk. He has released an album called The Death of Willie Lynch in September of 2006.

Favorite Movie

Incomplete comments:

Don't get it twisted the movie sucks, but the poetry is breathe taking. During the credits the actual poet recites his own work, and the performances are like night and day, heaven and hell, crash and burn. By watching this movie it taught me how to perform my poetry instead of reciting my poetry.

Note: The Actor performed, while the Poet recited


Director:             Charles Winkler
Writer (WGA):     Donald Martin (written by)
Genre:                Drama more
Tagline:              Welcome To The School Of Hard Knocks.
Plot Outline:       An aspiring teacher (Hughley) takes the one job he's offered, a position at a school inside a prison.
Plot Keywords:    Competition / Poetry / Prison Reform / Prison / Teacher

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